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CRM in Healthcare: A Game-Changer in Augmenting Patient Experience

by Amit Gandhi

According to the latest study by Markets and Markets, a market research company, the global healthcare Customer Relationship Management industry is expected to reach USD 17.4 billion by the end of 2023. It was at USD 8.8 billion in 2018, and has shown a tremendous growth of 14.6% during this period.

The key reason for this phenomenal growth has been the fact that CRM has proved to be a game-changer in augmenting the patient experience by improving the services through continuous feedback and cumulative data that helps in analysing the patient and care-taker’s preferences. Besides providing enhanced care and treatment, CRM in healthcare helps hospitals to improve patient relationships that leads to improvement in patient retention.

Utility of CRM in healthcare
Besides personalized care and treatment, patients expect quick services from healthcare institutions. According to the doctors answer, “69% of patients reach out to hospital’s help desk via phone with a specific issue and expect a quick resolution of their problem.”

Thus, to ensure a comprehensive service experience to patients or addressing patients queries quickly, you need CRM. It has led to quicker services in case of Multi Department Collaboration.

Self-service for patients has also made it easier to look for information with the help of technology instead of human intervention. CRM essentially deals in monitoring, reporting and analytics of patient data, thereby reducing overall wait time. This Omnichannel patient experience results in a win-win situation for the organization as well as the patients.

Nowadays, healthcare contact centers are managing communications from different sources like CRM patient data screen, Telephone system, Ticketing app on a single screen through a unified agent desktop. It enhances the productivity of the agent by eliminating the hassle of screen switching and helps them to close the call quickly. Subsequently, it leaves your patients happy and satisfied.

CRM led automation in healthcare
As we understand CRM functionalities majorly help in automation of the healthcare institutes vis-a-vis hospitals, it leads to better patient management and also helps in marketing. With the help of CRM software, hospitals can now serve the patients through automated customer support, patient interaction with management as well as doctors, smoother calling experience, and quick resolution of problems through advanced AI support systems.

Benefits of CRM
There are many benefits of CRM in healthcare as digital compliance solves many problems as it makes the data accessible to various stakeholders. CRM reduces the overall wait time in hospitals as patients can track the queue in real time. It prevents conflicts with many patients as they may not want to wait endlessly for the availability of the doctor. Thus, CRM improves the efficiency of the healthcare delivery system. Since patient information and data can be managed centrally, it improves communication between the patient and the hospital, leading to pleasurable experience with minimum wastage of time.

Imagine there is an emergency and the nearest hospital is a little far away, and you need immediate medical attention. Or there is a patient who needs constant medical care and a 24×7 doctor cannot be available.

Here, an AI powered conversational chatbot like InfiBot can help patients get the desired information at any time of the day or night, without the need for human intervention. Such chatbots further lead to trained & medical experts when necessary. This has led to lessening of the burden of the Contact Centre agents, as well as doctors and quicker resolutions of the problems.

In the long run CRM is not just the present of healthcare, but AI enabled technology will become the future of the industry. It will revolutionize the customer experience at the hospitals and make it time saving and easily accessible for the consumers across the globe, at their convenience.

Amit Gandhi Founder NovelVox

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