Broccoli Chilli Noodles With Grilled Salmon Recipe by Archana’s Kitchen

Fish is said to be the best protein one can intake, low in fats and super high in Omega fatty acids, fish is excellent for health. Salmon is a fish which has a beautiful and unique flavour and hardly needs a lot of stuff to be done to it. More often than not a quick grill with salt, pepper, olive oil and lemon is the only thing I do but then when I want to make a little more detailed Salmon dish this is what shines in my kitchen. Grilled with thai spices wrapped in a foil and served along with chilli noodles and sautéed broccoli is a perfect dish for the sit down dinner with a glass of wine and it’s super healthy when compared to the usual indulgent weekend choices we make.

Serve the grilled salmon over chilli noodles with broccoli on the side and a glass of  Watermelon-Cranberry Mocktail Recipe and Fresh Garden Salad Recipe enjoy a perfect Saturday meal.

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