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Upgrade your living room with comfort and luxury. The lavish Wilson Sofa is a luxurious two-seater couch designed for your relaxation. From a relaxing Sunday afternoon to a fun movie night, the Wilson Sofa can be your companion. Its rich seats, with 32 kg of sofa foam, 2.6-inch webbing, and zig-zag springs, caress your body. The backrest relieves you with 25 kg of foam, 2.6-inch webbing and zig-zag springs. After a long day, you wouldn’t want to collapse on anything else but the Wilson Sofa. Even your guests would feel more at ease with such a lovely seat. The brown shade and the soft semi-aniline leather together elevate your living space. The Wilson Sofa not only makes you happy, but it also makes your surroundings cheerful. It’s about time your living room got a hip sofa. Bring the 2-seater Wilson Sofa home today.

Water is only to be used in small doses and only in the form of a damp cloth. After wiping, always use a dry cloth. Wood and veneer are very sensitive to liquids. Wipe up spilled liquids immediately. It is always advisable to keep your furniture away from direct sunlight. The ultraviolet rays of the sunlight damages the finish of the furniture & wood can get bleached if exposed regularly. Always use coaster or mats to keep any hot objects on the wooden furniture as it may get damaged by causing white rings or spots

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