Cheese And Black Beans Quesadillas Recipe by Archana’s Kitchen

  • To begin making the Cheese And Black Beans Quesadillas, Heat oil in a wide pan on medium flame and add the onions. Saute them till they become soft and translucent.

  • Once they turn translucent, add the chopped tomatoes and cooked black beans. Cook the mixture on high flame for a couple of minutes.

  • Next, add the pepper powder, cumin seed powder, salt and cook for about 30 seconds and switch off the heat.

  • Heat a pan on low heat and put the flour tortillas on the pan. Gently drop enough cooked black beans topped with cheese.

  • Fold the tortilla and press it with a spatula and cook for few more seconds. Flip the tortillas to toast the other side.

  • Once the quesadillas are cooked properly, transfer them to a plate and cut in the shape of wedges.

  • Serve Cheese And Black Beans Quesadillas with Mexican Brown Rice and Quinoa casserole for a weekend night dinner.

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