Cooper Fabric 1 Seater Sofa with Cushion (Beige)

Add the luxuriant one-seater Cooper sofa not just for lounging but to make a statement. With its plush webbing, bouncy s-spring, and thick foam, this one-seat sofa is ideal for curling up with a good book or catching up on your favourite show. The soft and premium 286-gsm polyester upholstery adds an alluring aesthetic, while the golden finish metal legs provide stability and a subtle touch of glamour. You can stay comfortably seated for hours, relying on its solid pinewood frame and engineered wood support. One printed cushion complete the look of the Cooper Sofa and make it a comfortable spot to lounge and relax. So upgrade your living space with this charming contemporary sofa to ensure a luxurious space where you can kick your feet up each time your body craves relaxation.

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Author: DelhiStyle

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