Goruchikkudu Kaya With Peanut Podi Recipe by Archana’s Kitchen

Goruchikkudu Kaya which is the name for cluster beans in Telugu is a healthy and nutritious legume. It is known as Gavar in hindi, Kothavarangai in Tamil. It is a popular vegetable and goes well with both rice and roti. 

Cluster beans have many healthy benefits. It has very high amount of folic acid, calcium, vitamin K, making it a super food during pregnancy. Hypoglycemic properties of cluster beans help in soothing nerves and controlling your diabetes.

Goruchikkudu Kaya With Peanut Podi is a simple and delicious South Indian recipe and you can serve it with Thakkali Vengaya Sambar ,Steamed Rice or Roti with a bowl of curd

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