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Keeme Ja Bhalla Recipe is essentially a mutton keema ball gravy dish made Sindhi style. Here the term ‘bhalla’ means a dumpling, and in Sindhi keema ja bhalla means ‘keema dumplings’

Mutton keema is flavoured with some ginger and garlic, then combined with an egg and besan, to bring the dumpling together, which is par cooked by first steaming it and then cooked in the gravy. 

The gravy for this Keema Ja Bhalla is a a delicious bhuna masala, where the onions are cooked until it reaches a deep brown colour that decides the colour of our gravy. We are looking for a rich brown coloured gravy, which is the main characteristic of this dish. 

This lip smacking dish, is made in almost every other Sindhi household over the weekends, as a treat for the family. 

Serve Keeme Ja Bhalla along with Phulka, Sindhi Bhuga Chawal, Pickled Onions for a completely satisfying Sindhi meal. 

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