Khatti Meethi Tindora Sabzi Recipe- Gujarati Tindora Shaak by Archana’s Kitchen

Tindora Nu Shaak or Khatti Meethi Tindora Recipe is a very simple and quick dish that is very native to India. Each region of India calls is by names like Dondaikkai, Kovakkai, Tinda, Tendly or Tindora.

With such a variety, each home has a way of making it too. There are multiple ways we can make this vegetable; one that is sweet, sour and spicy and the other without the sweetness, but has spices and the third is stir fried on high flame with just salt, asafoetida and grated coconut. Based on seasons and moods I make one or the other.

Serve Khatti Meethi Tindora Recipe along with Gujarati Kadhi, Methi Thepla  and Steamed Rice for a weekday dinner.

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