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Situated in the heart of the city in Kashmere Gate area of New Delhi and formerly known as Old Delhi Military Cemetery or the Kashmere Gate Cemetery, Nicholson Cemetery (also known as Lothian Cemetery) is an ancient Christian cemetery named after the Brigadier-General John Nicholson, a Victorian-era military officer who played a crucial role during the Indian Rebellion of 1857 and succumbed to injuries during the revolt. Lately emerging among the Delhites as the ‘most peaceful place in Delhi’; the cemetery is a burial ground of both the English and Indian Christians during the British Raj in India.

Located amidst wild bushes on the trail to the left is the grave of John Nicholson. Not much further is a tiny cottage occupied by the caretaker and his family. Other than that, there are umpteen rows of gravestones marked with lifespans of hundreds of people- some newborns who did not even live to see a year. Apart from young kids and a few heritage walks, this place is free of any activity. The cemetery is also notoriously popular for a few ghost activities. According to the Indian Paranormal Society, the headless apparition of John Nicholson haunts the place.

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