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Lutyens was one of the leading and most talented British architects of the 20th century. Known for his creativity, he adopted different styles of designing that beautifully blended in the traditional and western techniques of construction. This architectural style is visible all over New Delhi, including Rajpath and the structures that are located nearby.

Rajpath is flanked by the north and south blocks, which are also known as the Secretariat buildings. The northern block is home to the offices of the Home and Finance Ministers, while the Defence and External Affairs Minister operate from the southern block. The area also houses numerous offices of the Prime Minister. Rajpath terminates at the Presidential Palace, which is also known as the Rashtrapati Bhavan. This avenue has witnessed the funeral processions of various Indian political leaders.

The entire street of Rajpath is thoughtfully planned. Beautiful ponds, lush green lawns and tall trees on either side complete the elegant look of the area. The most noticeable aspect of this street is the Jamun trees and the Java plum, which have been planted all along the roads to reduce heat during the scorching summer days.

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