Rebecca Fabric 2 Seater Sofa (Brown)

The comfort of your living room depends on the sofa. After all, the couch is where everyone prefers to unwind. So, choosing the right sofa for your home is critical. @home presents the Rebecca two-seater sofa, with cushy softness and a classic design. Its cosy softness stems from the dense foam on the seats and the backrest. S springs provide gentle elevation and bounce to enhance your lounging experience. These comfort layers lie on a solid neem wood and MDF framework that supports foam and the sitter. The sheer comfort and support of the Rebecca Sofa will put you and your guests at ease. The soft 270 gsm polyester upholstery on top makes you never want to leave your couch. Imagine watching movies or relaxing after a long day on this sofa. It will be pure luxury. The classic-styled Rebecca sofa is available in a warm brown colour. Make your living room more inviting and cosier with Rebecca. Order one for yourself today.

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Author: DelhiStyle

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