Shirley 3 Seater Sofa (Blue)

Give your guests a warm welcome with the simplistic yet elegant Shirley sofa from Nilkamal. This opulent three-seater sofa strikes a perfect balance between support and comfort, making long conversations with family and friends all the more enjoyable. Shirley’s strength comes from sturdy solid wood and an engineered wood frame at its core, which keeps the sofa firmly in place. The luxurious layers throughout the Shirley Sofa make sitting a relieving and relaxing experience. The seat is supported by a sturdy MDF base, 30-kg foam, and pocket springs to keep the seater comfortable. Its back is just as comfortable, with 28 kg of foam and S springs providing supportive bounce to ease your back. The sophisticated blue-coloured, 270-gsm-soft fabric on top offers a soothing touch that will make you want to stay seated on the couch for a while more. Some homes don’t require an extravagant couch; instead, they require a lovely sofa that makes sitting relaxing while adding to the overall beauty of the space. If your home needs such an upgrade, the Shirley 3-Seater Sofa is for you.

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Author: DelhiStyle

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