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Type 2 diabetes reversed in 46 patients: SMS docs

Jaipur: Sawai Man Singh (SMS) Hospital’s doctors have given a ray of hope to diabetes patients as they claimed that chances of reversal of diabetes is quite high. They claimed that type-2 diabetes can be reversed in certain group of patients.

Over the past one year, the doctors at medicine department have reversed diabetes of patients who were obese and they had high blood glucose levels.

“We have reversed diabetes in 46 patients. It is a good sign for the patients who have diabetes. It requires a lot of dedication and determination of the patient to reverse diabetes,” said Dr Prakash Keswani, senior professor (medicine), SMS Hospital.

The SMS Hospital has found that in patients who have recently developed type-2 diabetes, in past two years, they have high chances of reversing diabetes, and they will not require to take medicines.

“We are encouraging patients with diabetes to reduce weight which is the primary requirement for reversing diabetes. There are studies and researches which have highlighted that weight loss can reverse diabetes and patient won’t need to take medicine. If a patient reduces 15 kg, they can reverse diabetes. Fats prevents insulin production. If we reduce fat by weight loss, a patient can reverse diabetes,” said Dr Keswani, who claimed that 46 patients at SMS hospital have reduced weight by 15 kg and they have now reversed diabetes and leading life without medication.

For reversing diabetes, the doctors at SMS Hospital prescribe medicines which reduces weight and also control blood sugar. The doctors also advised the patients to change their lifestyle and eating habits and encouraging them to devote time for exercise and control intake of fat.

Dr Manoj Khandelwal, consultant, endocrinology, Fortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur said, “Reversal of diabetes means either we should be able to completely stop medicines or reduce its dose or quantity.

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