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Home to umpteen monuments of historical importance, awe-striking places of heritage and breathtakingly beauteous locales, Delhi always has yet more new surprises in store. One such asset is Sulabh International Museum of Toilets, built in 1992 by Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak (a social activist) and titled as one of the weirdest museum in the world by Time magazine. Established with the objective to address the global history of sanitation and toilets, the museum is anything but mundane and is a source of amusement to many. With a plethora of exhibits accumulated from over 50 countries and ranging from ornately carved toilets to painted urinals and related anecdotes, the repository brings to you the entire history of toilets from 3000 BC to the 20th century, meticulously arranged in three sections of Ancient, Medieval and Modern.

The museum is an absolute delight to visit; it has exhibits and items displaying the transition in the toilet related technology, sanitation habits, hygiene etiquettes and the like. What makes the entire depository even more attractive is the tiny piece of toilet poetry latched to the specimens on the display boards. Among the many chamber pots, Victorian toilet seats, golden commodes, bidet, toilet furniture and privies; the most fascinating is the copy of the toilet of King Louis XIV believed to have been used by the king to defecate while still in court. The museum is flocked by tourists from all over India and across the world owing to its rare displays and weird concept. Lately, the cleanliness drive by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the very famous Bollywood movie (Toilet- Ek Prem Katha) escalated the popularity of this rare museum.

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