Tuna Rasam Bhaji Recipe (Tuna Sabzi Flavoured With Rasam Powder) by Archana’s Kitchen

Tuna Rasam Bhaji is one of my favourite dishes. It is an extremely simple dish and goes best with daal and rice. The earthy flavour of the tuna fish paired with crunchy vegetable is delicious.

What makes it special is the use of Rasam powder instead of the regular garam masalas!! I have used branded Rasam powder, but you can use a home made Rasam powder as well, loaded with vegetables and very little oil, this dish is very healthy!! Also, feel free to add any vegetables you want the fussy eaters to eat, since the flavour of this dish is delicious and would compel the pickiest of the eaters to savour the bhaji.

Serve Tuna Rasam Bhaji Recipe (Tuna Sabzi Flavoured With Rasam Powder) with Phulka Recipe, and Smoked Dal Makhani Dhaba Style Recipe with Salad.

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